Education and Community are my Passions

Schools, parents, and the community should work together to promote learning of all students. When schools actively involve parents and engage community resources they are able to respond more effectively to the needs of students. A School are commonly built as a part of housing developments to create community. You can be involved whether you have kids in school or not. A Family and community involvements foster partnerships among schools, family, community groups, and individuals. They help children and youth develop.

Research shows that students whose parents are involved in their education are more likely to:

  • Adapt well to school
  • Positively impacts academic achievement
  • Complete homework more consistently
  • Earn higher grades and test scores
  • Graduate and go on to college
  • Have better social skills
  • Reduces school suspension rates
  • Have better relationships with their parents
  • Have higher self-esteem
  • Improves school-related behaviors
Speak Up 4 Public Schools

When I was a kid, I remember clearly my parents voting in every election. What I don’t remember is my parents talking about which candidate they supported. In fact, this election cycle my mom said she had voted for who I suggested but didn’t know if my dad had or not.  “Why?”  Because it used to be considered impolite to ask or even discuss for whom you voted. Your vote was your vote and it was customary to keep it private.

What happened to the good ole days of decorum and respect for one another?  I’m not saying that everyone should keep their vote private. What I long for is respect for one another, open-mindedness, less judgement and vitriol spewed. I get the frustration of the last decade. After all, I was part of the tea party movement. As conservatives, we were tired of our conservative ideas, policies and principles being drug through the mud, misrepresented as uncaring, selfish and only for the rich. So, we gathered, rallied and gave one another the courage to stand up to the left and declare our truths.

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